When Art and Reality Converge

Prof. Brenda Cappuccio
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Rosa Montero is a well-known Spanish journalist and fiction writer. In part, her extreme popularity and appeal are due to the fact that she manages to combine the local and the universal, the personal and the public, and the literary and the real. Her short story "El puñal en la garganta" ["Knife at the Throat"], published in the 1998 collection Amantes y enemigos [Friends and Enemies], is a masterfully written account of intimate partner violence that succeeds in drawing the reader into being not only an observer but a participant in the dramatic conflict and eventually even an accomplice in the toxic situation. This kind of aggression is, unfortunately, not uncommon; studies have indicated that approximately 20% of Spanish women have experienced domestic violence in the past or are currently in an aggression-tinged situation. I propose to analyze this story--its symbols and the details provided to exemplify a supposedly romantic relationship--in the context of current information and statistics on intimate partner violence.

Keywords: Spanish Literature, Rosa Montero, Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic Violence
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Prof. Brenda Cappuccio

Associate Professor of Spanish, Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
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