The Variance of Performances in Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises

Dr. Hanapi Mohamad
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The Chinese in Malaysia had been actively involved in business since pre-independence. The form of business ranges from sundry trading to production, processing and marketing of crude, semi finished and final products and services in food, tobacco and beverages to specialised goods which require modern technology. In spite of the successes enjoy by these firms, the Chinese small and medium enterprises remain unique. They are normally owners/managers with low level of education, middle ages owners and long tenure These managerial characteristics maay have strong influence in the selection of business strategies which in turn mah affect performances.Interestingly we found that there was a combined effect of managerial traits on strategy and performances. While there was no direct relationship between managerial traits and performances there was a significant amount of variance in performance outcomes that have been influence by firms' business strategies which actually have been influenced by firms' managerial traits.

Keywords: Performance Variance, Business Strategies, Chinese Small Medium Enterprises
Stream: Economics and Management
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Dr. Hanapi Mohamad

Lecturer, Department of International Business
Faculty of International Studies, Universiti Utara Malaysia

Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia

I have been lecturing since 1986. Prior to this job I was an Executive Officer with FELDA. I holds a PhD in International Business from University of Wales (1993). Besides teaching, I am also involved in research and consulting in the areas of corporate strategy, market analysis and firm’s performances. I am also involved as External examiners and Panel Evaluators for USM, UTM and Malaysia National Accreditation Board.

Ref: I07P0934