The Art of Asking Essential Questions: An Interdisciplinary Approach

Dr. Thill Raghunath
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This workshop will develop a questioning-based approach to learning and reasoning formulated by Richard Paul and Linda Elder in their work on critical thinking pedagogy. I will develop a model of learning, comprehension, and reasoning which is based on the cultivation of the art of asking essential questions and a framework of classification of types of questions offered by Richard Paul, a pioneer in critical thinking pedagogy in the United States.
It will be argued that the introduction of issues traversing the artificial boundaries of many disciplines is the most effective way to encourage the development of specific questioning skills, skills which constitute the foundation of learning and critical thinking. The audience will be invited to actively engage in the practice of the art of asking essential questions on the interdisciplinary issues proposed by the presenter.
Audio-visual excerpts will also be used to illustrate the method of presenting issues which traverse disciplinary boundaries in order to stimulate questioning dispositions and skills.

Keywords: Critical Thinking in Social Sciences, Critical Thinking Across Disciplines, Questioning Skills, Question-based Learning
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
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Dr. Thill Raghunath

Professor, Social Sciences, College of Southern Nevada, UCCSN
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I have a graduate degree and a doctorate in philosophy from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. I taught extensively on various campuses in Canada and the United States.
I teach philosophy and religion courses in the Department of Philosophical and Regional studies, Social Sciences Division, at the College of Southern Nevada, a member institution of the University and Community College System of Nevada.
My areas of research include critical thinking across disciplines, interdisciplinary approaches to philosophy, comparative philosophy, global studies, and ethics.

Ref: I07P0804