A Proposal of Classification of Social Activities’ Scopes in Private Companies

Inmaculada Freije
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Nowadays it seems to be evident the increasing prominence of the Corporate Social Responsibility for the private companies. Although this was also a matter of concern in the past, today it can be considered that there exist some conditions that favour their relevance. Among them, for instance, the globalization tendency increases the need for corporate reputation accompanied by the changes in the information possibilities due to new technologies. But in this context, how can the private enterprise define its social behaviour? Beyond the legal duties observance, CSR remains in the field of the voluntary decision. The company must define policies consistent with their peculiarities. To make this definition it is useful to classify the different alternatives available because some of them could be clearly against the interests of some internal stakeholders. For example, who has to decide making donatives? There are indeed less conflictive lines, where both company and other stakeholders´ interests coincide, creating a win-win relationship. The objective of this paper is to offer a classification of the different lines in social behaviour as a ground for the definition of the company’s social policy.

Keywords: Private Company's Social Policy, Corporate Social Responsibility
Stream: Economics and Management
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Inmaculada Freije

Associate Professor, Facultad de CCEE-La Comnercial (Universidad de Deusto)

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