The Holy Man, Enoch, and his Sky Journeys

Dr. John J Pilch
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The biblical person, Enoch(Gen 5:21-23), who presumably lived in pre-historic times, went to God without dying. The Israelite literary tradition thus credited him with knowledge of the make-up of the cosmos and acknowledged his ability to make sky journeys with spirit guides to learn more about this cosmos. Apocryphal works written in his name recount his experience and his description of the cosmos. Reports of Russian shamanic experiences of sky journeys contributes to the formulation of a model that helps to interpret the Enochic literature.

Keywords: Sky Journeys, Israelite Literature, Enoch, Shamans, Cognitive Neuroscience, Cultural Anthropology, Psychological Anthropology, Alternate States of Consciousness
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Paper: Holy Man, Enoch, and his Sky Journeys, The

Dr. John J Pilch

Professor, Theology Department, Georgetown University
Catonsville, Maryland, USA

John J. Pilch teaches the Middle Eastern cultural context of ancient Israelite and Christian literature to undergraduate students. He employs information and models from Cultural, Mediterranean, Medical, and Psychological Anthropology. Pilch has published books and articles in many journals ( and is a member of the Catholic Biblical Association, Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Anthropological Association.

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