Scatology in the Poetry of Antjie Krog

Dr. Marthinus Petrus Beukes
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In the oeuvre of Antjie Krog the use of scatology / fecal matters occur to serve different purposes. As a taboo subject in the Afrikaans literature, the use of scatological phrases and the description of excrement had different responses from readers of her poetry. As marginalized topic in the Afrikaans literature, Krogs’s use thereof was not to provoke shame or embarrassment but to emphasize the important aspect of writing openly about sexual taboos. Through this procedure, the explicit writing about scatology opened the language register of taboo topics in the Afrikaans literature and it also served the purpose of writing about transformation. Transformation here is understood against the framework of writing about the woman’s body in nonrestricted terms. In this paper, I will investigate the diachronic occurrence of scatological aspects in the oeuvre of Krog and the implications it had on deconstructing language and sexual taboos in the Afrikaans literature.

Keywords: Scatology, Transformation, Taboo
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Marthinus Petrus Beukes

Senior Lecturer, Department of Afrikaans, University of Johannesburg
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Ref: I07P0078