Balancing Political Agendas and Service Delivery Needs: A Case Study of a Province in Rural South Africa

Henk Jooste
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Improving the economic, socio-economic and service delivery environments in Rural South Africa is dependent on the implementing strategies of government departments in pursuing their mandate as outlined by their vision, mission and objectives. The level of growth is in turn dependent on the presence or absence of institutional leadership and implementing competencies. Service delivery by government is a function of the budget allocations by the Treasury of that particular country or region. These budget allocations must then be prioritised and executed in line with service delivery promises made to the populace through the vision and mission of the various government structures. However, service delivery standards are compromised by management and leadership practises, based on American and European standards and exported to rural Africa. The researcher therefore had to develop an “Africanised” socio economic definition to be able to evaluate the changes in demographic-, economic-, socio economic-, labour-, employment and fiscal indicators. These indicators were then applied to the expenditure patterns over the last five fiscal years of a rural Province in South Africa. The research indicates that the principle of good governance should be balanced between the various policy areas driven by political agendas and the service delivery needs of the people.

Keywords: Good Governance, Service Delivery Needs, Impact of Expenditure Patterns
Stream: Economics and Management
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Henk Jooste

Head, Faculty of Humanities, Tshwane University of Technology
Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa

I am the head of a centre for regional development which facilitates capacity building in the public sector. The Centre is also a research vehicle to study economic and entrepreneurial development in South Africa and the effect of cross border trade between various economic corridor initiatives between south Africa, the Kingdom of Swaziland, the Republic of Maputo and the rest of Africa. My specific area of interest is in action and qualitative research which will establish an intrinsic motivational behaviour pattern by rural education managers and leaders in an African context. I am particularly interested in the effect of cultural and socio economic factors on the performance of institutional leaders and managers in an African context. I am active in nature and wildlife conservation and enjoy travelling to strange and challenging destinations

Ref: I07P0717