The Islamic Principle of Darurat and its Application in Modern Days

Yasmin Hanani Mohd Safian
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This study attempts to shed light on the application of the principle of darurat in Islamic law. This study is crucial as this principle can render an unlawful act as lawful in extreme circumstances. In other word, this principle allows a Muslim in extreme circumstances to do something that would normally be haram to save his own or another's life. For instance, it is permissible for starving Muslim eating pork or drinking alcoholic beverages in order to save his life if there is nothing available. It is also permissible to a Muslim not to perform Jumuah prayer during hot summer under this principle. Hence, this paper will study on the definition of the principle of darurat from difference of Islamic schools of thought (mazahib), the conditions and its limitation in applying this principle in daily cases. Cases from classical Islamic references will be brought forward in order to make a clear understanding on how this principle works. The application of this principle illustrates that Islam is a flexible religion that permits us to perform unlawful acts in certain situation. However, the Muslims need to realise that the ulama’s have put strict conditions before the principle can be applied in order to prevent people from cling to this principle tenaciously. This paper is believed will assist Muslim to further understand how this principle of darurat works in early formation of Islam and at the same time will help Muslim to analyse its application in modern days.

Keywords: Islamic Law, The Principle of Darurat, Extreme Situations
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Yasmin Hanani Mohd Safian

Phd Student, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter
Exeter, Devon, UK

i am currently a phd student in university in exeter, and a islamic law lecturer in my home country. i have presented several papers in islamic law and its application in modern days, i.e papers on islam and biotechnology and islam and HIV.

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