Human Skills Development for Graduates: Integrated Model and Implementation at University

Dr. Muhammad Nubli
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The field of technical and engineering is now needs engineers with human skills. Having technical skills is not enough for the worker to face the development in business from various discipline of knowledge. Surveys in Malaysia, Canada and other countries shows that graduates must equiped with human skills together with technical skills. Therefore it is vital for the Institute of Higher Learning to emphasis on the development of human skills together with technical skills. The problem is, how to introduce the integrated model of this program at the university level ? How do the program will help to better equip the future engineering and technical graduates? A research was done in one of the university in Malaysia by integrates between technical skills and human skills in the curriculum of the university. Using this integrated model, combination of these skills was done throughout the whole semesters for each student. It covers the student activities in academic and non academic, in lecture hall and also in the student hostel. During the implementation of this model, a survey was done among one third of the total 1100 students. Finding shows that, most of the students (89%) feel that the implementation of these integrated program will be better equip them with skills needed by the industry. By implementing this model, nearly all (79%) of the respondent are positive to involve in the activities. Nearly all (79%) of them are willing to improve their attitude towards betterment of their personality as required by the industries. As a whole, this integrated model of student development program (technical skill and human skills) is acceptable by the students and received full support from the community of the campus.

Keywords: Human Skills, Student Development
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Muhammad Nubli

Dean / Lecturer, Center for Modern Languages and Human Sciences, University Malaysia Pahang
Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia

Mr. Muhammad Nubli was born in Mentakab, Pahang, Malaysia in 1969. He has obtain Master Degree in Human Development and PhD in Management Information Systems from University Putra Malaysia. He has wide working experience both in computer systems and human development either in private or government agencies. He was involved in research and human development from 1990 until now. He was conducted a lot of training in human development ranging from social to the professional development. Currently, he is working as a Dean and lecturer at Center for Modern Languages and Human Sciences, University Malaysia Pahang focusing on human development and soft skills. His work is more on developing integrated management systems for soft skills, developing framework for soft skills as well as producing reference materials in soft skills.

Ref: I07P0647