Enrichment Program and Successful Marriage In Kuwait: Field Study on Kuwaiti Couples

Dr. Humoud Alqashan
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In Kuwait and Arab Gulf countries, increasing rates of family breakdown and divorce have raised public concern about the severity of marital and family problems. According to the Ministry of Justice of Kuwait (2005), 30% of all first marriages end in divorce. While the average length of Kuwaiti marriage is only 5 to 7 years (Alqashan, 2005), many of these relationships can be assumed to have contained the seeds of eventual breakup from the very beginning. The main purpose of the current study was to determine whether a marriage enrichment program could effectively increase and improve marital satisfaction and marital communication of Kuwaiti couples. In addition, most of the previous studies which focused on marriage enrichment programs, have been conducted with predominantly white, North American married couples (yelsma, 1988). The study of the impact of the marriage enrichment will provide insight into the ways couples from other cultural orientations interact with each other in achieving marital satisfaction, specially, couples from Muslim countries.
Participants were 62 married couples (16 couples in experimental group; 16 couples in control group), their marital duration was ranged from one year to thirty one years.
The study examined whether marital enhancement program could make any change in marital satisfaction of Kuwaiti couples. The study focused on the following research questions: (1) Does socio-demographic factors (age, income, education, duration of marriage, having kids); play a role on the marital satisfaction level of Kuwaiti couples? (2) Is there a difference in the marital satisfaction scale between male and female in the pre-test; post-test, marital satisfaction scale? (2) Does Marriage enhancement training program in SDO influence the post-test level of the marital satisfaction of the participants?
The study concluded that the marriage enrichment program in the social development office of Kuwait has had a significant positive effect on marital communication and marital adjustment immediately following the enrichment experience.

Keywords: Marriage Enrichment, Marital Satisfaction, Marital Communication
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Humoud Alqashan

Profesor, Kuwait University
Kuwait, Kuwait, Kuwait

Nationality : Kuwaiti

Social Status : Married

• Post Doctoral Certification of Family Therapy : Pittsburgh University
• Certified Marital and Family Therapist : NCFR
• Ph.D. in Family Therapy
• Certified Sex Therapy for Couples : AAMFT
• Permit of Practicing the Guidance in Sexual Problems: American University of Couples and Family Cure

Experience :
• Teaching : Kuwait University.
• Manager - Counselling Services : Social Development Office
• Counselling of Family and Child Therapy
• Manager – Research and Studies : Social Development Office
• Member of Phone Counselling : Awqaf Public Foundation
• Founder of Family Counselling Centere : State of Qatar
• Founder of reformation between ego and family counseling. The highest council for family (Center of Family Development) : Qatar
• Counseling of family and child therapy: Wales tail Organization of Mental Health: USA
• Lecturer at children’s hospital: Pittsburgh :USA
• Counseling of family and child therapy : Holy Family Organization :USA

Ref: I07P0593