Values and Transcendence: A Study about How Religious and Secular Values are Related with Religion and Spirituality in a Time of Secularism in a Country of Traditional Religious Culture

Dr. Antonio Muñoz García
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Spirituality concept is easily related to religion in countries where both shares the same cultural context. This is the case of Spain, where only recently, and as a consequence of secularization process, spirituality concept has acquired “non religious” connotations, and not always neutral, particularly when people define themselves as spiritual but not “religious” in an attitude with criticism and rejection toward religious institution. On the other hand, spirituality has a different consideration at academic level, particularly from Psychology of Religion. In this, one of the ways of defining spirituality, affirm its developmental dimension with differential characteristics, common to all human beings, and being able of having religious and non religious meanings. One of the more consolidated lines of research about psychological determinants of religious and spirituality identified stables and specific patterns of relationships with specific values. Although this topics have been previously studied with Spanish population, the study of the relationships and differences between measures of religiosity, spirituality, and the values that nowadays define the secular (lay) point of view, has not been done in spite of its appropriateness: recent sociological studies show how religiosity in Spain is lower that a few decades before, that religious but non institutional practices are relevant, and that young people are interested in “modern spirituality”. All this happen in a social context where mass media and political thinking looks show that the “lay point of view” is increasing. Does it exist differences between lays and religious values, and dimensions of religious and modern spirituality?

Keywords: Values, Religion, Spirituality, Modern Spirituality, Secular Values, Religious Values, Psychology of Religion
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Dr. Antonio Muñoz García

Professor Contracted Doctor, Faculty of Educational Sciences
Department of Educational and Developmental Psychology, University of Granada

Granada, Andalucia, Spain

My work has been dedicated to administrative task, teaching, and research. I was vice-dean in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at Granada University and I participated in committees of quality assessment during six years. My teaching is centred in Educational and Developmental Psychology, Social and Moral Development, and Psychology of Religion. I am interested in values, traditional religiosity and modern spirituality, and positive psychology related with transcendence. Last course 2005/2006 I was in the Center forPsychology of Religion in the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) with a grant for Training of Researchers in Foreign Research Centres out from Andalucía, (General Secretary of Universities, Research and Technology, Andalusian Government, Spain). The present year I have token up again activities at Granada University and I continue working in Psychology of Religion.

Ref: I07P0546