An Etnographic Analysis of Cultural and Environmental Relationship: Fishermen in Turkey (Erdek/Narli Village)

Seda Kilinc
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This study makes an ethnographic analysis of fishermen living in Narli (Erdek/Balikesir) Village in Turkey from the point of cultural and environmental relationship; and explores, within the scope of “cultural ecology”, how the fishermen have adapted to their environment through cultural mechanisms.
The process of adaptation of fishermen to the ecological environment has been considered within the nature of the environment and in relation with the socio-cultural structure and requirements of the society. The place of fishing in the lives of local people as their mainstay, the effects of their living in a sea-centered ecosystem on their cultural patterns and their perceptions of the environment are also studied.
Data obtained were analyzed through objective assessment and no statistical data and questionnaires were applied. The study group was asked semi-structured questions parallel to the objectives of the study. Data obtained from the conversations were put into writing and the study group's photos were taken during various activities.
Findings have revealed that fishing is a complex and a wearisome job, and it required experience, know-how and a sense of systematic method. That the environmental adaptations of fishermen living in a sea-centered ecosystem is within the nature of the environment and proportional to the structure, requirements and technology of society are also among the findings of this study. In addition, it has also been found that the relationships of fishermen with their families were rather warm and sincere, with the observation that they tried to think life with all aspects.
It has also been found that the fishermen made some rituals and performed some prayers in order to get positive results from the fish hunt.
Findings obtained on the site were discussed based on the basic characteristics of the “Cultural Ecology” approach.

Keywords: Cultural Ecology, Environmental Relationship, Sea and Human Relationship
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Seda Kilinc

Research Assistant, Department of Folklore, Ankara University
Ankara, Turkey

Seda Kilinc
Research Assistant

Place and Date of Birth: Ankara - 01.01.1981

1997-1998: Ankara University English Preparatory Class

1998-2002: (BA) Faculty of Letters Social Anthropology and Ethnology Department

2002-2005: (MA) Ankara University Institute for Social Sciences Folklore (Ethnology) Department

2005 : (PhD) Student Ankara University Institute for Social Sciences Folklore (Ethnology) Department (contiuning)

2005 : Research Assistant Ankara University Faculty of Letters, Folklore Department (contiuning)

Working Interests:
Ethnicity, Cultural Identity, Cultural Ecology, Ecology and Religion, Visual Anthropology, Globalizm and Society

Ref: I07P0521