Globalization and the Migrant Labor Movement in the United States: Focus on Filipino Philip Vera Cruz

Sid Valledor
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As Filipino-Americans celebrated the centennial (1906-2006) the “contractual” labor relations between the Philippines to the United States, Valledor puts into critical perspective the life of one of its eminent products—Filipino-American agricultural political leader, Philip Vera Cruz. Not known to many, Vera Cruz stands alongside well-known California farm worker activists Larry Itliong and Cesar Chavez. Valledor in his presentation argues that just like Vera Cruz and his contemporaries, the millions of Filipino migrants in more than 120 countries (including Spain) are the modern-day heroes and heroines of the world we live in, a world without borders but still very much a world with limited protection and social justice for them. Valledor will discuss the ethnographic research he conducted with Filipino-American agricultural labor leader Philip Vera Cruz’, including his college speaking engagements in the Pacific Northwest in the spring of 1971. For over thirty years the tape recordings and Vera Cruz’ writings remained dormant.

Keywords: Migrant Workers, Activism, Agriculture, California, Filipinos, Globalization, Latino
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Sid Valledor

Visiting Fellow, Yuchengco Philippine Studies Program, University of San Francisco

Author of the book, The Original Writings of Philip Vera Cruz, the first in a series on Americans with a Philippine heritage. He was the special assistant to Larry Itliong, then Vice Director of United Farm Workers Organizing Committee of the American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and National Director of “The Boycott”. Valledor has served as a trustee and director of United Bay Area Crusade (now United Way of the San Francisco Bay Area) and on the advisory boards and task force of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, Board of Education, Civil Service Commission, and the Pilipino Studies at San Francisco State University.

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