Employability Skills: Malaysian Employers Perspectives

Prof. Ab. Rahim Bakar,
Shamsiah Mohamed,
Dr Ivan Hanafi
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The purpose of th is paper to presents ther findings of the employability skills expected by Malaysian employers when hiring new graduates. Data were collected by analysing the appointment sections of the Saturday issues of a major newspaper in Malaysia. The analysis showed 29 employability skills were repeatedly mentioned by many employers. Among the skills are: communication skills, Interpersonal, personality skills, leadership qualities, computer literacy, planning, management, team work, motivation, logical and analytical skills, independent, resourceful, and knowledgeable, fast learner, adaptability, honesty, integrity and commitment, result oriented, dynamic, enthusiasm, aggressive, energetic, professionalism, problem solving skills, able to work under pressure (tight schedule) with minimum supervision, discipline, negotiation skills, supervision, presentation (report writing) skills, pro-active, initiative, and creative, accountability, maturity, responsibility, strategic thinking abilities, initiative.

Keywords: Employability Skills, Soft Skills, Generic Skills, Malaysian Employers
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Employability Skills

Prof. Ab. Rahim Bakar

Associate Professor and Deputy Dean, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Shamsiah Mohamed

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, SElangor, Malaysia

Dr Ivan Hanafi

Graduate Student, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia
Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

Ref: I07P0045