Pedagogy and Place: Spatialised Disadvantage and Schooling

Assoc. Prof. Cathryn McConaghy
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The relationship between place and schooling practices and outcomes is complex and variable. In Australia rural students' academic outcomes are consistently below their urban counterparts, whereas in countries such as the UK and the USA the opposite is evident. Although the case has been made in numerous research studies for a correlation between poverty and lower schooling outcomes, the relationship between place factors and schooling is less clear. This paper draws on sociological data, cartographies, interviews and case studies to identify the relationship between poverty, place and schooling in a rural region in Australia. It argues the need for longitudinal, mixed method socio-spatial analyses of schooling outcomes linked to complex sociologies of regions as the basis for equity strategies in schooling.

Keywords: Poverty, Place, Social and Educational Disadvantage, Regional Studies, Mixed Method Sociological Research
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Assoc. Prof. Cathryn McConaghy

Associate Professor, School of Education, The University of New England
Armidale, NSW, Australia

Researcher in the sociology of education. Author of 'Spaces and Places: the NSW Rural Teacher Education ARC Linkage Project" (Green, McConaghy et al 2006); co-editor with Judith Robertson of 'Provocations: Sylvia Ashton-Warner and Excitability in Education' (Peter Lang, NY, 2006); author of 'Rethinking Indigenous Education' (Post Pressed, Flaxton, 2000).

Ref: I07P0043