Accounting for Baseball’s Narrative Numbers

Prof. Chad Turnbull
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The recent wave of social tendencies in the accounting and baseball world go against the concept of personal wisdom. Society has a deep and profound reliance on numbers; society has, as Theodore Porter (1995) states, “a ‘trust in numbers’." Though we know it is possible to ‘lie with numbers,’ we nevertheless rely on them, appeal to them, and are disturbed when they seem questionable. Society’s values and norms of the past generations and today’s generations have social tendencies that are embedded into the American system of beliefs. The numbers in accounting and in baseball are part of our lexicon. They are part of how we communicate with each other. Numbers are the fabric of society. Numbers are so interconnected with each entity, institution, and position and are intrinsically related to modern life, which has invited this fascination with numbers, measurement and quantification. And good numbers tell the truth (Guala 2002; Jennings, 2001).

Keywords: Narratives, Accounting, Deontic Ethics, Baseball, Society
Stream: Economics and Management
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Prof. Chad Turnbull

PhD Candidate, Professor, La Salle
Barcelona, Cat, Spain

ESADE, Barcelona, Spain
PhD. Candidate in Organization Behavior 2005-2008

Brisbane Graduate School of Business Brisbane, Australia (BGSB) & National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan (NCTU)
Master in Business Administration in International Business and Global Trade (2004)

Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, USA
Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Minor in Political Science (2000)

PHD RESEARCH FOCUS: Generation Y and motivational factors in Job selection and retention

• The Cultural Divide, In the United States 2006: Presented at International Society for the Study of European Ideas at the University of Malta

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