Local Peoples' Attitudes Towards Natural Resources Conservation in Bangladesh

Muhammad A. Uddin
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Local knowledge and peoples' participation is necessary for the sustainable natural resource management. This study examines local people’s attitudes toward the wildlife sanctuary and conceptualizes their understanding of livelihoods, deforestation, and resource degradation. I found that despite local peoples interest to the program they have been ignored since the process of the establishment of the Sanctuary in Chunati. Having no other income generating sources people depends on forest resources. The Forest Department staffs are not well equipped to prevent illicit felling. Some Forest Department people are also involved with forest destruction.

Keywords: Deforestation, Local Knowledge, Livelihoods, Participation, Political Economy, Resource Degradation, Sustainable Development
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Muhammad A. Uddin

Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Chittagong
Chittagong, Bangladesh

I am teaching anthropology at the deapartment of anthropology, Chittagong University as an assistant professor.

Ref: I07P0377