Greening Business Curriculum: A Paradigm for Environmental Stewardship in the 21st Century

Prof. Asayehgn Desta
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Economic growth depends upon the wealth of goods and services that natural resources provide. Yet, over the years, as corporations pursue hefty returns on their investment, they have been depleting the natural resouces so vital for economic development. After the Rio Earth Summit of 1992, howeve, corporations that once viewed environmentalism as a threat to their survival all of a sudden realized sustainability as a means of gaining a competitive edge; by reducing costs and stimulating greater innovation. Businesses have strongly challenged higher educational insitutions to redesign their curriculum: to produce employable graduates armed with the theortical and practical knwledge that is vital to transforming and creating a socially responsible business environment. The nature of this study is therefore to investigate the mission statements and curriculum contents of the San Francisco Bay Area Business program in liberal arts colleges and universities.

Keywords: Applied Research
Stream: Economics and Management
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Prof. Asayehgn Desta

Professor of Business economics, Business School, Dominican University of California
San Rafael, California, USA

Dr. Desta graduated from Stanford University in the area of Manpower Planning (Economics of Education) and Political Science in 1997. Professor Desta is the author of a number of articles and two books.

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