"Technology Mapping Across Knowledge Value Chain for Enhancing Global Trade Competitiveness Under the Treatise of Knowledge Economy": Derivation of Knowledge Economy in an Integrated Global Model on Technology, Trade and Society

Dr. Jagdish P.N. Giri
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The linkages among technology, knowledge and society on trade competitiveness are increasingly getting concretized due to infusion of knowledge economy and related forces of globalization and liberalization across developing and developed countries that are aligning through recent past on aggressive initiatives aimed at exploiting global opportunities to expand the domain of knowledge economy in an Integrated Global Model on Technology, Trade and Society. It has become imperative for civil society of 21st century, from developing countries of Afro- Asian Region, to increase their local and global knowledge share by enhancing their competitiveness on regional or global knowledge value chain. Enhancing knowledge competitiveness in a globalized context requires comprehensive actions covering many operational, institutional and managerial elements as well as excellent support on policies, regulations and infrastructural framework. Sustaining competitiveness of society and its knowledge components necessitate improving the external links with the support of quality infrastructures and institutional capabilities that further need to improve the effectiveness of internal operations through the use of required skills. Competitiveness could be measured in terms of human productivity, employability of human capital, market share of knowledge economy and cost advantage on agricultural and industrial output. These would not only provide competitive advantages at the local or regional level but also at the global industrial cluster and ultimately at the sector level as a whole. The paper attempts at mapping of technological capabilities across knowledge value chain in terms of institutional capabilities, infrastructure, policies & regulation, reforms, dynamics of knowledge economy and advancement in human developmental indices, among Asian Developing Countries. Technology mapping further helps in understanding the major gaps in the form of policy, institutional and infrastructural support for designing the elevated societal and governmental support either in the form of upgrading of infrastructure, knowledge or technology across the knowledge value chain. The elements of action identified are essentially integrative and it enables governments to prepare a roadmap in partnership with society for enhancing knowledge competitiveness through a series of technology led measures such as upgrading the applications of technology in knowledge growth and propagation, networking for knowledge exchange, improving market reach through knowledge, enhancing human capabilities, reducing industrial cost improving environmental performances, increasing usage of IT and advancing standard of living at large.

Keywords: Technology Mapping, Value Chain Analysis, Global Competitiveness, Knowledge Economy
Stream: Economics and Management
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Dr. Jagdish P.N. Giri

Founder & Executive Director, Aaditya Energy Foundation, Chennai, India, Energy, Environment and Economics, Aaditya Energy Foundation, Chennai, India

Dr. Jagdish P. N. Giri, an internationally known energy professional and environmental activist, is dedicated to lead a global movement for sustainable energy, environment and economy, through his own creation named as “Aaditya Energy Foundation” based in Chennai, India. He is on the Board of Distinguished Lecture Program Committee of SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers – International), Huston, USA, for a three years term from 2005 – 2008. He is one of the most active member of a number of Technical Interest Groups of SPE on Enviornment, Hydrocarbon Reserves and Economics, Training and Development, IT Applications in Carbon Energy Business, Gas Technology and Unconventional Reservoirs.

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