Multi-disciplinary Approaches in Researching the Material Culture of Older People at Home

Prof. Leonie Kellaher
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The ways in which older people inhabit and use their homes – which is to say, the spatial arrangements and the material objects – has been the focus of two government-funded projects in England. Data of four distinct kinds have been collected: a) detailed floor plans of 60 dwellings;b) plans of furniture placement in each of the 60 living rooms; c) photographs of furniture and objects; d) taped and transcribed ethnographic accounts from the occupants.The transcribed accounts of the home and the plan/photographic depictions of material culture in each home have each, separately, generated analysis for publications on practice and theory. Analysis of these data has followed the main research period and has been more problematic.This paper discusses linking these anthropological and architectural data and the new findings to have emerged, along with an assessment of the value of this multi-disciplinary effort

Keywords: Domestic Settings, Older People, Ethnography, Material Culture, Spatiality, Multi-Disciplinarity
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Prof. Leonie Kellaher

London Metropolitan University

Ref: I07P0310