Heidegger on Philosophy and Poetry: A Case Study in Interdisciplinary Thinking

John Marshall
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While much has been written on Heidegger’s explicit statements about the sciences, little to this day has been devoted to the extent to which his thought represents a model for interdisciplinary work. To this end, this paper will study two aspects of his work that are particularly relevant to contemporary trends toward interdisciplinary research. First, we will consider his attack of Wagner’s “collective artwork” with its tendency to force the different branches of art together under the banner of subjective experience. Here we will draw out one model of interdisciplinary work and explore Heidegger’s criticisms of it. Second, we will look at his writings on the relationship between philosophy and poetry. From studying what Heidegger calls “the neighborhood” of these two disciplines we will attempt to sketch the beginnings of a form of interdisciplinary work that avoids the specific perils diagnosed in the case of Wagner and often prevalent today.

Keywords: Philosophy, Phenomenology, Poetry
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Heidegger on Philosophy and Poetry

John Marshall

PhD Student, York University
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ref: I07P0283