Globalization and Diversity: Inter-Dynamics Effecting Higher Education and the Business Community

Dr. Graciela Helguero-Balcells,
Prof. Alison Rampersad
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There is a realization in the United States that in order to compete and participate within a diverse global community there is a vital need to look at the system of higher education which is lacks international elements. As a direct result of the educational reforms in Europe (Bologna Agreement- 2010), the competition in the global market has made it imperative to make necessary changes to the academic curriculums of U.S. colleges and universities. It is increasingly evident to the business community in the United States that a highly interdependent global market of producers, consumers, and competitors has evolved. In order to interact within this diverse arena, researchers in the field of international education and the corporate world have indicated the necessity of language acquisition and cultural sensitivity. Leaders in business have embraced the idea of bridging that gap, which would mean institutions of higher learning must address the issues of second language acquisition in conjunction with multicultural sensitivity and etiquette.

Keywords: Globalization and Diversity, Inter-Dynamics Effecting Higher Education and the Business Community
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Graciela Helguero-Balcells

Department Chair Modern Languages, Chair of the Modern Language Department in the College of Arts and Sciences, Lynn University
Boca Raton, Florida, USA

During the course of my professional career I have had a wide range of opportunities that have enabled me to grow both professionally and personally. It is from those experiences that my research field has not been limited to one specific area. My interests are all interconnected. Presently we are looking in the department of modern languages at the assessment of language acquisition. I am finishing my PhD dissertation on International Education that is looking at the European Union’s Bologna Agreement and the impact on U.S. Higher Education.

Prof. Alison Rampersad

College of Business and Management, Lynn University

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