Perceptions of Parents, Special Education Teachers, and Rehabilitation Counselors of the Individualized Transitional Plan (ITP) for Students with Cognitive Delay

Dr. Jerome M. Fischer,
Dr. Ibraheem A. Almuaqel
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The purpose of this investigation was to inform the existing practice of the Individualized Transitional Plan (ITP) by looking at how special education teachers, rehabilitation counselors, and parents perceive the ITP for youths with cognitive delays. In addition, it ranks six of the adult life goals according to their importance for the participants. The study sample consisted of one hundred seventeen surveys. Two statistical methods were used: the first is frequencies and percentages for the ITP perceptions and for ranking the adult life goals, and the second is the MANOVA and ANOVA statistical analysis to determine the significant differences between variables.

Keywords: Individualized Transition Planning, Survey Research, Students with Cognitive Delay
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
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Dr. Jerome M. Fischer

Coordinator of Rehabilitation Counseling, Counseling and School Psychology, University of Idaho
Moscow, Idaho, USA

Dr. Fischer obtained his doctorate at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale in 1992. He has been a Professor at the University of Idaho since 1993. He has 25 research publications in counseling ethics, multicultural counseling and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Ibraheem A. Almuaqel

Assistant Professor, Special Education Department
College of Education, King Saud University

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Ref: I07P0252