Danto's Recipe For Clio: Leveraging Narrativist Insights for Modelling Historiography in Symbolic Knowledge Bases

Robert C. Kahlert
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It is an ongoing research issue how to appropriately model historiographical information and historiographical arguments in large-scale common sense symbolic knowledge bases that employ first or higher-order logic for deductive reasoning about historical events. Due to the heavy logic focus, it is highly fruitful to review the observations and suggestions made by Arthur C. Danto and other members of the narrativist tradition of analytical philosophy. The fundamenal historiographical toolkit in the narrativist reconstruction of historiography is the recurrent, a generalization of the covering-law construct Hempel predicted historiographical explanation would require, and the narrative sentence, which explicates the deviation from the recurrent that makes the explanation historical. In this paper, we analyze those forms of knowledge representation structures seem appropriate if one accepts the narrativists' proposition. We survey some of the key existing knowledge representation forms that have recurrent-like structure, such as rules, scripts, and case-based reasoning abstractions, and we compare and contrast their effectiveness and appropriateness for historiographical reconstruction.

Keywords: Analytical Philosophy, Arthur C. Danto, Symbolic Reasoning, Knowledge Bases, Historiography
Stream: Anthropology, Archaeology, Cultural Studies, Humanities
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Paper: Danto’s Recipe for Clio

Robert C. Kahlert

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Ref: I07P0225