Eyes Wide Open: Preservice Teachers' Reflection Upon the Climate and Context of Schools

Dr. Janette Long,
Dr. Wendy Moran,
Joanne Harris
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This paper reports on a primary preservice teacher education program that operates in partnership between schools and a university, where student teachers are immersed in whole school contexts, rather than single classrooms, to observe and reflect upon teaching and learning practice. Student teachers are required to work across classes and various school contexts, plus shadow and interview a variety of school personnel. This is structured to enable a deeper and broader understanding of the operation of the school and its more subtle influences of power and control. In small collaborative groups students then analyse, critique and connect the practice observed and experienced with theoretical knowledge of what constitutes ‘best practice’. Major goals of the program are for students to identify teaching models and strategies that work best in the context of classrooms and to explore the more difficult to articulate practices that shape the culture and climate of the school.

Keywords: Preservice Teacher Education, School And University Partnerships, Linking Theory With Practice, Climate And Contexts Of Schools
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Eyes Wide Open

Dr. Janette Long

Assistant Head of School and Senior Lecturer in Education, Faculty of Education, Australian Catholic University
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dr Janette Long is Senior Lecturer in Education at the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield and contributes to both primary and secondary teacher education courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her research interests include professional development and learning, supervision, the practicum, mentoring, teachers’ professional knowledge, diversity in the classroom, curriculum, assessment and evaluation issues.

Dr. Wendy Moran

Lecturer in Education, Education, Australian Catholic University

Joanne Harris

Lecturer in Education, Education, Australian Catholic University

Ref: I07P0182