Chinese Youth in the Criminal Justice System of Canada

Dr. Siu Ming Kwok,
Dr. Dora M.Y. Tam
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This paper presents the findings of a grounded theory study of the experiences of Chinese youth in the criminal justice in Canada. Most studies on delinquency in Canada are primarily focused on youth from mainstream cultural groups (Moyer, 2005; Wong, 2000). However, experiences of ethnic minority youth in the criminal justice system might not be the same as those from the mainstream. According to Ethnic Diversity Survey in 2002, 18 per cent of the Chinese, the largest ethnic-minority immigrant group in Canada, experienced discrimination in the previous five years compared to only 10% of the population that were non-ethnic-minority. The lack of information on ethnic minority youth in the criminal justice system makes it difficult for policy makers and professionals in the juvenile justice system to address the needs of these youth and their families. Henceforth, this study provides information for understanding this population and identifies best practice to serve this clientele. Data was collected in Toronto and Vancouver, cities with the largest Chinese populations in Canada, and both youth and parents were invited to participate in the study. The researchers will compare the similarities and differences of data collected in these two cities and discuss the implications for social work practices.

Keywords: Chinese Youth, Delinquency, Criminal Justice System, Canada
Stream: Education and Social Welfare
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Chinese Youth in the Criminal Justice System of Canada

Dr. Siu Ming Kwok

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, King's University College at the University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Dora M.Y. Tam

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Carleton University
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ref: I07P0161