Family Businesses: Specific Values of their Essence

Dra. M. del Rosario Rodríguez Díaz
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The revolution especially technological experienced during the XXth Century and accelerated in its last third essentially modifies the parameters of articulation and organization of the economic systems. The new techniques of communication made up by computer nets, optical fibre and satellites, have been the breeding ground for the spreading of new markets, especially the financial ones and the stock-market. But, also, thanks to the revolution of the communications several companies have transnationalized their production, work and capital raising a global productive space where the technological and economic framework is expanding to a planetary scale. We are witnesses of the transition of the national economies to a world-economy. This is the framework that shapes a competitive free market economy in which gaps the business organizations of familiar type have their place. They are economic units of a great importance stated through the percentages which represent their economic contribution to the PIB of their respective countries (more than a 50% in the Western World). Starting with the importance that has the function of the businessman in a free market economy and the familiar business organizations as a basic element of the business plot, it is necessary to think and identify their constituent elements, as well as the problematic of the familiar business organizations in order to contribute to a better knowledge of this hard reality.

Keywords: Familiar Companies, Multigenerational Business Family Ownership and Familiar Control of the Business, Founder Businessman
Stream: Economics and Management
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Negocios de Familia

Dra. M. del Rosario Rodríguez Díaz

Senior Lecturer / Vicedean International Relations, Faculty of Education, Seville, Department of Sociology, University of Sevilla
Sevilla, Spain

Ref: I07P1059