The Multi-dimensionality of Power vs. Teachers and Intellectuals Pseudo-radicalism

Prof. Mariano Fernández Enguita
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Power is a multi-dimensional phenomenon. Even restricting our considerations to the economic public sphere, i.e. markets and organizations, we should recognize at least three main sources of power: property, authority and qualification, that is, power on (or through, or on the basis of) means of production (the matter of the economic system), work (its energy) and knowledge (information); or let us say economic, social and cultural capital. No matter the justification (or not) of any critique of economic and social power (of property and authority, of capital and state), intellectuals’ and teachers’ radicalism, as far as it is not matched by a parallel or even harsher critique of cultural power (qualification, division of labour), should be considered more as a reflection of (not so much on) status incongruence than as a critical stand. This must be specially emphasized as we enter in an informational economy and a knowledge society in which the long waited Platonic utopia, an aristocracy of knowledge, could come into effect but also reveal itself as more anti-egalitarian than any past of stratification in the open society.

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Stream: Economics and Management
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Paper: Get to Know Yourself or Better Not

Prof. Mariano Fernández Enguita

Professor and Head, Department of Sociology and Communication, University of Salamanca

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