Perspectives on Human Resource Management and Organisational Dynamics: An Analysis of Emiratisation and Gender Participation

Dr. Kasim Randeree
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Middle Eastern economies generally lag behind global competitors. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is no exception, as it faces many challenges including future demographics, employment of its national workforce, sustainability issues, educational concerns, as well as diversity and gender related problems. In truth, a well designed Emiratisation process (a policy for reducing the demand for expatriate workers) coupled with the active participation of Emirati women in mainstream society, including the private sector, can help in alleviating many of the UAE’s problems. The challenge for the rulers of the UAE, is to engage its national human resource in education and employment whilst moving in step with advanced nations and respecting Arab and Islamic tradition. Thus, due in part to the advancement and comparatively liberal nature of the UAE in comparison to other countries on the peninsula, the international community looks to the UAE, and the city of Dubai in particular, as a model for a new, prosperous and sustainable 21st century Middle East. The implications of the research presented here are that there are a number of challenges facing Emirati society and by implication the Arabian Gulf region, which need to be addressed if change and advancement envisaged by the region is to be realised.

Keywords: Human Resource Management, Organisational Development, Emiratisation, Gender, Women
Stream: Economics and Management
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Paper: , Challenges in Human Resource Management and Organisational Development in the Arabian Gulf

Dr. Kasim Randeree

Lecturer, Programme Director, Management, The British University in Dubai
Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr Kasim Randeree is a Lecturer at The British University in Dubai and Visiting Lecturer at The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He is the Programme Director for the Master of Science degree in Project Management at The British University in Dubai. Dr Randeree has an academic career spanning the past 15 years, with experience both in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. He is dedicated to the development of contemporary Middle Eastern society and has worked in the past at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, The American University in Dubai as well as conducting research across parts of the Arabian Gulf and North Africa. Dr Randeree is Associate Editor to three international journal publications and is a Member of the Association of Project Managers and the Institute for Leadership and Management. His research interests are in leadership, organisational development and theory as well as in project management. His particular interests in Emiratisation, the role of Emirati women, multiculturalism and diversity in the UAE, the advancement of management education in the Middle East and Islamic perspectives on leadership and management, have brought him numerous accolades and supporting publications both internationally and across the region.

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