State Ownership of Public Enterprises in South Africa: Problems and Structural Weaknesses

Nyawo Gumede
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Government involvement in economic affairs of a country is a historical and economic reality.In South Africa public enterprises play a crucial strategic role socio-economically.Thus government is heavily involved in the ownership and the running of the public enterprises especially in essential services sector.However there are some inherent problems and structural weaknesses in State Ownership of public enterprises.This paper endevours to explore critically these factors with particular regards to South Africa.

Keywords: Public Enterprises, State Ownership, Structural Weaknesses and Problems, South Africa
Stream: Economics and Management
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: State Ownership of Public Enterprises in South Africa

Nyawo Gumede

Lecturer A, Economic & Management Science, University of Free State
Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Nyawo is a Lecturer A at the University of Free State in South Africa.Has more than 9 years lecturing experience.Nyawo has presented conference papers and is doing a PhD research as well. Nyawo has worked as Sub-Head of the department of Public Management/Political Science.

Ref: I07P1022