An Non-Traditional Career Evolution: Replacing the Leaders of the Romanian Public Institutions

Prof. Gabriela Marinescu
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‘Whenever the corridor above you is blocked, you can get out of the jam by moving laterally.’(R. Kelly, Carnegie-Mellon University) The public domain, conceived as a desirable segment potentially able to normalize growth and maturation, allows for remarkable individual and collective evolutions by accepting lateral promotions as opposed to the exclusively vertical ones seen as inefficient and ineffectual in certain circumstances. The hierarchical positions are limited especially at base and middle levels, whereas lateral promotions represent a feasible alternative meant to encourage employee retention and loyalty as well as performance motivation by promoting them horizontally instead of vertically. The challenge mentioned above, simulated in a financially decentralized public institution reduces the number of hierarchical levels by simplifying procedures as well as everything else.

Keywords: Non-Traditional Career, Leader Replacement, Horizontal Promotions, Team
Stream: Economics and Management
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Prof. Gabriela Marinescu

University Professor PhD, Management Department
Lasi, Romania

Professor Dr. Gabriela Marinescu obtained Ph. D. on Economy Sciences, Management, from the Economic Academy Sciences in Bucharest, Romania, 1998. She obtained as well a licence in law from the Faculty of Law, at “ AL. I. Cuza”, University, Iasi, 2001 and now she is studying pshyhology at “Spiru Haret” University, Iasi. She is professor at the Management Department of Gr.T. Popa University, Iasi, Romania. Published writings, single author:
-“Negotiations a force of globalizations ”- “Gh.Zane” University Press , Jassy, 2000 -“Finances-Currency-Credit”, ‘Gh. Asachi” University , Jassy, 2000
-“Time & managerial decisions”, “Junimea” Press, Jassy, 1998 -“Negotiations a force of globalizations ”- “Gh.Zane” University Press , Jassy, 2002, second editions -“Founding accountings on laws elements”, Gh.Zane” University Press , Jassy, 2002 -“Negotiations in managerial communication”, “ Gr. T. Popa”, U.M.F. Press, Jassy 2003 -“Management of public institutions”, “ Gr. T. Popa”, U.M.F. Press, Jassy 2004 -“Emotional intelligence and its role in management of changes”, 10th Mediterranean Conference on Biological Engineering, Ischia, Italia, 2004 -European non-conventional techniques used in human resources management., Economics xxi, Petre Andrei University Review, no. 4, Iassy, 2004 -Modern Public Management, Tehnopress, 2007 -Teach courses in public management, negociation, emotional intelligence -Teach classes on managerial tools in continuing education

Ref: I07P1010